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ZooToken is a cutting-edge new platform for 'Meme Tokens,' which helps to increase their value while also generating a new environment for users. 'Meme Tokens,' which are no longer merely a fad, may now thrive and reach their full potential within the ZooToken ecosystem.

Projects involving meme tokens have recently become popular. Only a small Percentage of these ventures, however, have the potential to break through and Thrive. The remaining Meme Tokens will have little appeal and longevity due to Their lack of utility. Furthermore, these Tokens are unable to form a strong Community. ZooToken Finance connects Meme Tokens together in order to help Them achieve their core objectives. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that is Dedicated to Meme Tokens and its users.ZooToken was developed for the Meme Community, and we put the community first.The ZooToken ecosystem's activities Must be fair and transparent.


Download metamask

  • To use on a desktop, open Google Chrome or Brave and go to Create a wallet using the MetaMask extension.

    On the go: Download the MetaMask app for iOS or Android.

Purchase Ethereum-

  • To purchase ETH, go to an exchange. Binance, Binance US, and Coinbase are a few Examples of exchanges.

Switch from Ethereum to Metamask-

  • Transfer ETH from your old wallet to your new MetaMask wallet. The address for ETH ERC-20 tokens starts with 0x, and you can view it on Metamask or your ERC-20 crypto wallet by clicking on Buy or Receive.

    If you're on

  • To purchase on ZooSwap, click the "Buy on ZooSwap" icon. This will lead you to The website of uniswap. A pop-up will appear, asking you to confirm that the Address belongs to $ZOOT.

    When you're using Uniswap

  • Set your slippage at 3–4% and enter the amount of ETH you want to exchange for $ZOOT.

    Switch from Ethereum to ZOOT

  • Verify the metamask

    Open Metamask and look at your ZOOT

  • Add the custom token to see your ZOOT balance.
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ZOOT Clone Script

Decentralized ZOOT Clone Script Services - Best decentralized ZOOT Clone Script Service - ZOOT Clone Script Company. It is an Decentralized ZOOT Clone Script Services Script, which can be run easily by using any operating system Linux, Windows, MAC, Cloud or Androidbased browsers.

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